Ravasi’s History

Ravasi’s History…..

since far….. 1960 decides to run alone ….Ravasi Pietro

 the founder of Ravasi Salotti began his career as a craftsman of upholstery in a small workshop in Brianza, creating classic sofas and armchairs.

His ideas, his great  passion combined with his craftsmanship made him one of the best craftsmen in the manufacture  of the “capitonnè” that even today, almost in a saltorial way,  continues with the unique objectives:

quality and excellence

After completing their studies, his children Fabrizio and Claudia, supported  the father; encouraged by his passion, they decide with a lot of determination to expand the working space to make the most of their innovative ideas.

“A company that for over 50 years has loved meeting the needs of its customers. Design, manufacture and supply luxurious sofas and accessories has always been the vocation of Ravasi salotti “

Care for every detail

Hence the continuous improvement in quality and materials used:

exclusive fabrics, precious silks, wooden

finishes of great value with hand carved, accessories and refined combinations that give life to

armchairs and sofas of high  craftsmanship quality associated with a sober and refined design, ready to decorate any room.

Guarantee of Quality

In its latest collections the Ravasi Salotti  also offers solutions for furnitures, furnishings, curtains,

always with great taste, quality and refinement that distinguish their brand.

The Ravasi Salotti  is pleased today to satisfy the sophisticated demands of its customers, more and

more exclusive, and operates   in Italy, Eastern Europe, Switzerland, New York and the Middle East countries.

Fabrizio and Claudia are proud that the passions of daddy have arrived at today without having been  completely distorted by modern technology in order to ensure their own “niche” that their products are works of  higt craftsmanship.


1960…… Pietro Ravasi, the founder of Ravasi Salotti 
..in our shop’s sphere, even today, we protect ancient cultural traditions,

of fantasy, taste and charm, we give, together with our products,the unconscious pleasure of beauty created by men.

In this anonymous and consumerist era, going into

the upholsterer’s shop is a surprise, it is like delving into the time of memory, out of time….